A farmer’s only donkey ran away in the forest


A farmer’s only donkey ran away in the forest.

He packed up a few days ration and ventured into the jungle to find his animal.

He searched and he searched but he couldn’t find it, so he decided to retire for the night.

He climbed up a tree, tied himself to the trunk so he doesn’t fall down.

Just as he was about to sleep, he heard some rustling below the tree.

He looked down below and saw a couple making love in the nearby shrubs.

The man was admiring the women’s beauty with each thrust.

He would compliment the woman’s hair, her face, her legs and every part imaginable.

He then proceeded to compliment her eyes, “I can see the whole wide world in those blue eyes, my love”.

Our farmer from over the top barks,

“Eyy mate, let me know if you see my donkey in them. Been trying to find that f***ker all day long!”